How to add an ash dump

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Thank you Diesel and a poster prior mentioned something about CO but I did not realize that my metal can could not contain it and the off gas might leak back outside the can goes on the concrete and further away from my house as well because the other poster said it should be moved farther away from the side of the house....Wondering about all of this...thanks...clancey
As long as its on a concrete surface OUTSIDE, with lid on that’s fine. Inside with lid on is a no-no. CO will be offgassing from the coals into your living space. When I empty the big belly of my stove into the 10 gallon metal garbage can the bottom of it has gotten hot enough to leave an impression on my trex decking. And it was only sitting there as long as it took me to empty my stove so figure 10 mins.
OMG regarding impressions on the trex deck from 10 minutes of heat! Very useful warning. I would definitely have made that mistake the next time our weather turned nasty enough to not want to get off the back deck and go into the yard…. Also helpful warning on the CO from coals. I’m not even a beginner, I’m like in preschool with all of this. The old fireplace and tools we inherited from the previous homeowner included an open ash pail with a spout, so the CO danger from coals off-gassing didn’t really occur to me yet. Currently, considering what to buy for an upgrade: current discussion happening on the first thread under my profile.
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I am new at this so forgive my question..? Whats so dangerous about putting the ashes in a metal bucket with a lid and placing it outside until it cools or even cleaning the ash from the stove when the stove is cold--whats the big deal here? If I leave my metal can inside with its lid on --on a concrete floor until it cools--why all the concern here---Is it going to explode or something? Old scary---you got me that way----lol lol clancey
There have also been many fires that started from a hot ash bucket sitting on a wooden deck. The last one I recall killed 3 in the resulting house fire.
I don't worry much about CO as my lid needs to be pried off the ash bucket.
Those coals can remain live for a long time uncovered in a pail.

I'm also someone who puts my used oily rags in a UL approved industrial waste can.
All of the above is much cheaper than my insurance deductible by a lot!!
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I keep my covered ash pan about 20 feet from the house and well away from any combustibles. Once cool the ash either gets dumped in a pile out back . . . or better yet . . . once snow comes I use it on my gravel driveway for traction and melting (using the cool ash only).
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Hot ash and coals go into a metal bucket on the hearth and are quickly transported to the firepit about 50 yards away from the house, because I'm not taking any chances.