"How to buy pellets"

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Dec 14, 2012
NEPA Poconos
Here is 4 1/2 tons in my finished family room downstairs. The large pile in the back is 4 tons. I could easily put another 2 tons on top of that plus 2 additional 1 1/2 ton stacks infront of those.

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Are you sure that is 4 tons in the back stack? Because this pic is only 140 bags. and it looks a lot bigger than what is in the picture.



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Mar 6, 2014
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If you are going to buy from Lowes, I would suggest you go to EBAY and buy a Lowes coupon for 10% off, you will save some money if you get 3 tons or more. At least it will pay for your shipping. They also do price match so if HD sells it cheaper you will get the HD price.
I do not know if all stores do this but ones around me, if they do a price match there is also a 10% off the matched price. Sometimes you do not get it automatically you have to ask for the additional 10% off.


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Jul 12, 2008
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I love my pine pellets - they often produce more BTUs and less ash than the hardwoods. They smell great
Same here. My stove does some of its best work with pine pellets. And there's nothing like the smell of fresh cut pine when you open the bag...

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Jan 29, 2012
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We are in our 2nd full burning season{3 tons thus far currently this season} and there are many good comments here...Each stove burns pellets differently......When we first started burning,we heard raves about Somersets....We found a place 70 miles r/t from us that carries them.....We found that in our stove they were very ashy and burned fast .....Best burning for our stove has been Lignetics green letter label from Agway...209 a ton......no delivery but only 5 miles from home...........We just picked up our 1st ton from them last week to start replenishing the "stash"...Mailing lists is a good idea......Greene Team pellets burn well for us,also,although not quite as good as the Liggies...Here is the link to their "shipment tracker" - http://www.greeneteampellets.com/#!product-availability-notification-emails/ck6p Happy burning to you !!
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