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    My friends tell me that if I open a window ,in the room farthest from the woodstove, just a crack that the heat will circulate better in the house. Is this true? Do you have any tips for helping the heat to circulate when we don't have a blower? Aside from fans? Thank you. Michele M.


    Cracking the window will create circulation------cold air circulation that is.
    Heated air rises, so if you're trying to get heat upstairs, you can use a stairway if it's close to the stove. Or, you can cut louvered registers in the ceiling near the stove to again, get heat upstairs. To move heat laterally, you'll need to use fans. I recommend the small "doorway-type" fans that are available in stove/fireplace shops. They are quiet, cheap to run, but most importantly they ARE effective. I know because I've used them for years and they're terrific. Be sure to mount them high on the walls or in a doorway because that's where the heat is---near the ceiling.
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