How To Remove Ash Door On 20 Year Old Dutchwest 2460?

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New Member
Jun 2, 2022
Pine Bush NY newbie, Spring-cleaning Grandpa's Dutchwest 2460 stove. I'm replacing gaskets--front door, side door, and stove top all came off easily, but the ash door isn't as cooperative. I removed the hearth lid above the ash door, and tried to lift up on the door (similar to front and side door removal); door moves up ~1/8 inch or so, but no further. I'm trying not to break anything. Any suggestions, anyone?

Thanks in advance,

Mike P.

D. Hermit

Feeling the Heat
Nov 21, 2020
NeK Vermont
If your just replacing gaskets, just do the ash door while its on, not as simple of course, but still very do-able.


Minister of Fire
Dec 23, 2010
No. NH
It's super weird the way the a.p. door is pinned! Too much can go wrong trying to tap them out so yes, do as the Hermit says. All will be well.