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    Hi! Hope you can help! 9/00 we installed an Vermont Castings Encore into our new addition. We woke up today to a room full of smoke! The "caulk" (NASCO high temperature sealant) has completely broken apart and now the pipes will not fit tightly together! Smoke is coming out from all vents on the doublewall pipe. We have double wall stovepipe which was cut and bent into an oval to fit into the stove, per the person we purchased the stove from. It was "caulked" all around that seal and worked fine until today. There was no drastic temp. change or problem that we see could have caused this start of smoke. Do they make an oval to round doublewall stovepipe > that fits the Encore? Do we need doublewall? (the distance to the wall is 11" from center of stovepipe to a non-combustible stone wall.) Any suggestions on a better sealant? We appreciate your attention to this matter. Thanks, John >


    Couple of answers for you:

    1) You should not have to seal your pipe connections with any type of sealant because theoretically, the strength of the system's draft should "suck" any smoke up the pipe and into the flue. So, there's possibly an issue there, unless the pipe was so badly constructed that is allowed too much air to enter the flue disrupting the strength of the draft.

    2) From my former days at VC, I remember there being an oval-to-round double-wall chimney connector from a top manufacturer called Simpson Dura-vent. Try going to this page on their website: http://www.duravent.com/catalogs/dtech/L930pg20.htm

    The product code is #1875. I don't know the price. That should help cure your ills.

    Link: Dura-vent Site Information
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