How's this for a score on a storage tank?

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Jul 11, 2008
Northern NH
A friend of mine has an indoor wood boiler but no storage. He wants to use it more often. I was looking over Craigslist and there was an oddly posted ad for a 700 gallon Solar Hot Water tank. I looked at the picture and it was American Solar Technics rectangular thermal storage tank. I sent him a link and he ended up buying it for $150. It's got 2 of the newer style corrugated Stainless Steel Coils and an extra 1" of foam board on the interior inside the 4.5" thick walls. He had to take it out of a small basement but I prepped him in advance, so it took 4 hours. If he didnt grab it, I would have driven down there and grabbed it. It was used in a solar hot water application, so it was run at a lower temp than a boiler (which is the reason the original owner was getting rid of it). All for the sum of $150. Craigslist may be a PITA to search and scammers do haunt it, but my experience is with the unusual stuff, its usually a legit deal. I expect the same applies to Facebook Marketplace but I do not facebook.

There was another cylindrical thermal storage tank for sale in CT for $1,500. They called it an AST but I have never seen a cylindrical version.
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That was a good deal for sure especially with the heat exchangers. I look on CL almost every day for stuff like that but didn't see that. just wondering where it was.
Western Mass. The odd thing was it was listed as Solar Hot Water tank.
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