Huskee Log splitter - new motor, but shorter shaft - How can I make this work?

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Jun 24, 2022
Hi there. My old Huskee 22 ton log splitter's engine seized up. Luckily I have another similar spec'd engine available, but it has a shorter shaft. Old motor has a 3-5/32" shaft, new motor only a 1-13/16" shaft. The old motor was coupled with a Lovejoy 1/2"-7/8" L connector with the rubber spider. Of course now that connector about an inch too short. Does anyone know of any coupler I can buy to make this work?

Chances are you will have to remount the new motor to use the lovejoy.
Should just be a matter of drilling new holes in the mounting plate.
I have seen Lovejoy couplings with a longer body, but not sure if they would make them that long. I think redrilling the mounts is pretty standard. Just make sure that you drill the holes large enough to slide it around to get the coupling aligned. If its misaligned the insert will wear out quickly.
Thanks for the replies. After spending too much time looking for solutions and not finding exactly what I'm looking for, I think I'll just go ahead and order a motor with the proper length shaft. That will be the easiest solution for me.
If you need to order a motor anyway, I'd go larger (eg. 10.6 hp Intek), so you can mount a bigger pump and get better speed out of that machine. That's what I did with my Huskee 22 awhile back. I did have to upgrade some fittings and lines to support the higher flow rate, but that was fairly easy.

Whatever you order, make sure it can support 3600 RPM, or your machine will run even slower than it already does, with the OEM pump.

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