I didn't notice, but the cat did..

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Sep 8, 2009
Colorado- near the Divide
This is more of an FYI than anything else. While building the new hearth area, I also demo'd alot of the perimeter baseboard. This left about a 1/4" gap between the carpet and the wall. I come in from the garage after cutting templates, and notice the new kitten fixiated with a certain wall area. I go to look, and ..well..she somehow stuffed one of her toy mice in the crack and can't figure how to get it out. Then the tail of the toy moved. Needless to say, I dispatched it, but they are traveling (slowly), in a approx. half-inch square area. I LOVE that cat, now I know where that occasional "scritching" sound comes from. And now, I have more work to do (In all my free time)- whatever. :shut:
A friend of mine is in pest control and he said that they only need 1/4 inch crack to squirm through. A few years back I would hear scritching as you say from time to time, well one day Im sitting on the throne reading a magazine and I notice some movement under the door, its a mouse with a piece of catfood in its mouth, it squirmed under the vanity with his prize. Apparently he was storing his treasures there. We has three cats at this time, none of them mousers so I set a trap and got the little bugger.
I soooo hope so. The other ones just kinda like to corner them, then.. I don't know? Get bored and let the mice do what they want? In 3 years, I've killed 10x what they have. This new one gets extra petting tonight.
I wish I could have a cat again. I had them when I was growing up but now I am very allergic to cats and dogs. We could have used a mouser when we bought this house. It sat vacant for a couple years and the field mice moved in along with the snakes.
Ha, I love cats. I had a cat that used to kill cockroaches the size of mice. And they flew. The one thing I appreciate about living in Utah is the noticeable lack of bugs!

The two cats I have now like to climb through the heating ducts in the house to get from one room to another. Weirdos.

I have always been told that cats that are mousers were taught to finish off the mouse. Cats are usually curious by nature and will find a bug interesting enough, but if a kitten is not trained by the parents or sibling they just might not get it. At least you have a good cat that can probably tell you if the mouse problem persists.
Random thoughts . . .

Funny how a single mouse creeping along always sounds really, really loud when he's in your ceiling void space and it's 1 a.m.

I have four cats myself . . . one is too fat to go after anything and one has spina bifida (she tries to stalk prey, but hopping after anything instead of being able to slink and pounce pretty much means she has to resort to pouncing on dumb bugs) . . . two cats however . . . my male Manx and a black stray are excellent killers . . . sadly I have no more chipmunks this year . . .

One issue I have discovered though is that I need to start giving my cats more access to my garage . . . went to a bad car accident the other day and went to put on my bunker pants at the scene . . . my pants that were in the garage . . . put my foot into one of the boots and couldn't get my foot in . . . tipped boot upside down and 1 1/2 heaping handfuls of sunflower seeds came spilling out . . . then put my helmet on and a few more sunflower seeds spilled out on to my head. Darn mice.
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