i need help with Fisher pricing

johnreed Posted By johnreed, Mar 4, 2012 at 6:40 PM

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    Mar 3, 2012
    i have a fisher grandma IV i need to sale i have no idea how much i can sell it for it is in excellent condition with dual glass doors with brass trim
    im sure the readers of this know that it is huge with 8" top flue heat sheild mounted on back
    it was made in 85 i am confused though the model says grandpa grandma labeled just like that how much?
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    I'm not sure it's value. If it is in excellent condition it should bring a decent price. Moving this to the Classic forum where the Fisher experts reside.
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    There is no "Blue Book" value of vintage Fisher stoves. They are worth whatever someone is willing to pay.

    Factors are;
    Timing; They are a seasonal item selling for more in Oct, Nov. Dec.
    Condition; Reconditioned with fresh paint and new bricks, or as is?
    Location; They are mostly a local pick-up item. People may be willing to pay a lot more for a certain stove, but are no where near the area so it goes to the highest bidder close by or willing to travel.
    Personal Choice; Some installations require a certain type stove. Double doors may be preferable to view the fire, where I prefer a long narrow Papa Bear that accepts longer logs to facilitate quicker and less cutting. (And larger cook top surface)
    Chimney size; Stoves need to be purchased to be used with the size chimney the buyer already has to make them efficient and legal.

    WA, CA and OR have outlawed the installation of them, and require them to be removed when selling. They can be found the cheapest there. If your in one of those states, you may have problems finding someone that will use it illegally.

    Your model was bid up to $435 on eBay last month. (Search eBay "Completed Listings" - "Fisher Stove") That gives you an idea what people are willing to pay at a certain time in a certain area. This is a totally reconditioned stove with expensive brown metallic paint. The seller had a higher reserve price. It was relisted for $1,150 and received no bids. This is in Ohio at the end of the heating season. Another area and timing may have sold for this asking price or more. The lighting in the pictures doesn't show the paint color as well as it should, and that can make a huge difference in sales.

    How close to NE PA are you, and does it have original good brown paint? Original glass? Paperwork / receipts ? Some have solid brass draft caps with buffed edges, and the brass condition reflects price. Only use polish for brass and other semi precious metals. It's easy to destroy a good finish with compound or abrasives. Lots of pictures and close ups are required like selling a vehicle to get a good price. Pictures sell !

    Does your tag look like the one shown below? Usually they are stamped with an X next to GM or GP / TOP or REAR or in the block under mfg. date. If you have a Grandma, the firebox will be 17" deep, 21" wide.

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