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    I have a Vermont Castings 'Intrepid' catalytic combustion wood stove. I would like to install a gas log set in it. The dealer said 'NO'--------and really wouldn't give me an explanation. Can anyone out there explain.


    Trudi - First, a woodstove is meant to operate using controlled combustion, ie, to reduce the amount of air entering the burn chamber. A gas stove, on the other hand, needs a tremendous amount of air to mix with the gas in proper ratio. If the gas becomes starved for air, it will explode. You cannot get a small enough log set into your Intrepid that will also supply adequate air in that small firebox. Go look at a B-vent gas stove (one that uses room air for combustion, as a log set in a woodstove would). It uses what's called a draft hood; the back of the stove is actually not even there, so to speak, so it can introduce LOTS of extra air to the gas burner. And it brings in this air to mix with gas fumes that are exiting the stove, rather than with air as it enters the stove (as what happens with a woodstove.) Second, it's illegal to install gas logs into anything other than a fireplace and the installation instructions on the log set will specify that. Third, Vermont Castings instructions will tell you not to burn anything but wood in it. Fourth, it would not pass code, meaning if you suffered personal injury or damage to your home subsequent to an illegal installation, your homeowners insurance would not be obligated to pay your or your heirs for damages incurred. Like the stove dealer and Craig said, DON'T DO IT. Burn wood in your Intrepid or buy a gas stove.

    -Karen www.DukeFire.com www.TheVictorianFireplace.com
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