ID plate on PE pacific insert?

cammer Posted By cammer, Dec 26, 2007 at 8:22 PM

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    Jan 13, 2007
    Last week I developed a problem with the blower on my PE pacific insert. It did not come on although I could hear the thermo switch contacts close when it warmed up. When I tried the manual switch, it would not work that way either. I removed the blower, determined that there was power all the way to the leads into the motor and realized that the problem was internal to the motor. I found a sticker on the side of the motor showing that there are leads for three different speeds coming from the motor. From the factory it came wired for low speed. When I hooked up the medium speed, everything worked as it did before, just a little faster on the blower speed. When I contacted the dealer (that was before I removed the blower) he informed me that he could get a new blower under warranty if I gave him the serial # from the stove. He said that it would be on the ID plate under the ash lip or behind the blower. The plate was not in either of these locations so I removed the unit to look elsewhere. The plate is not on the back, front, top or either side, that I can see. The only place that I was unable to see was the bottom. Surely they would not put it there?

    PE is closed for the holidays. Any idea where the plate on these units is? Thanks.
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