Identifying liner type?

jtcedinburgh Posted By jtcedinburgh, Oct 2, 2006 at 2:54 PM

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  1. jtcedinburgh

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    Sep 19, 2006
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    Hi folks.

    Sorry, another question (you'll all be fed up of me by now, no doubt).

    This relates to our other fire, the Living Flame open gas fire. The chimney that this vents to is lined, and I wanted to find out if there's any way to tell what kind of liner it has. We didn't install the fire, and we aren't in contact with the previous owners of the house, so is there an easy way to tell?

    As it's a gas fire, I wonder if the liner is likely to be wood-stove compatible? We've never had it swept in the time we've been in the house (4 years, naughty us) so it could be in a less than perfect condition, and therefore maybe replacing it makes sense (a liner+wood insert costing approximately the same as a gas-insert of the same type (Jotul 160 series)) but obviously if we could get away without replacing the liner then that would be great!

    Any ideas/thoughts?

  2. elkimmeg

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    typicallyt gas liners do not have to be ss, In many cases they are Alumium and will not stand up top wood stove heat.
    The cheaper gas alumium liners are good fro about 10 years. I would check with your building dept, gas inspector and see if they have a record of your install
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