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    I am confused about which fireplace insert to buy. can not find any research done in the library or consumer reports magazine. i am hearing different- often conflicting information from the stores where i have shopped. my fireplace width is 33 inches- which prevents me from purchasing the big Vermont castings and i have heard the small Vermont will not last overnight. that is important. i currently have a buck--20 years old which does not last overnight. this is the reason i am replacing it. which is better--cast iron or steel? catalytic or non-cat.? how do i tell if the stove will definitely last overnight (8 Hrs)? figures from dealers and store salespersons conflict. is the regency a good stove? are there other brands you recommend?


    I usually do not recommend one brand over another- cause there are many good ones. That said- I would not use the cast vs steel to make my decision. If you want an overnight burn- you should look for the unit with the largest firebox you can find. Although a catalytic may burn a bit longer than a non-cat- most stoves larger than 2.1 cubic foot (firebox size) will burn overnight.You'll have to carefully measure the fireplace size- as most fireplaces taper as they go back.
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