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    We are remodeling and have moved our black bart stove from one area to another. We love the stove - it is a great source of heat for our home since it has a thermostat and blower. Because of this, we know it needs special air circulation. There had been 2 side vents in the stove and additional side vents in the wall outside the stove. The builder doing the work lost our manual. Do you know how we can contact the manufacturer or provide any advice on installation? Another question - we have a large oak tree with branches extending over the chimney. Do you know the distance we need to keep between top of chimney and the branches? We prefer not to cut them if possible.


    The Black Bart is quite old, about 1981 Vintage, and the company has been out of business for some time. You will have a very difficult time locating a manual for this stove. If the unit is set as a freestanding stove, then no special precautions need to be taken for the blower. If it is set as an insert, a special pan of sheet metal must be fitted tightly in the damper area so that the fan does not suck make-up air from the chimney. As far as installation clearances, use the suggestions set forth in the NFPA guidelines or other codes available from your local building official.
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