Insert with propane out,in with pellet?

RedRanger Posted By RedRanger, Mar 12, 2008 at 12:25 AM

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  1. RedRanger

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    4 level home, with pe wood insert on first level which keeps the first 2 levels nice and toasty. 24k btu propane insert on 3rd level with ceiling that graduate to 12ft with a ceiling fan,reluctant to run it too much because of the high cost of propane, and even when I do it isn`t really adequate to heat the 3rd and 4th level.

    Could I install something like the enviro milan insert with a set-back thermostat (programable thermostat). And say, if the settings were -- 6am 70, 8am 60, 4pm 70 and 10pm 60...would I probably use a bag or less of pellets per 24 hr cycle? Reason for asking this somewhat complicated question is I have spent $800 on oil this year for our old oil-fired boiler and $600 for that propane insert and $800 for wood that is delivered csd. And with that only the bottom 2 levels are at a nice 74-80f and the top 2 are usually sitting around 55-64f.

    Bottom line question is there any loot to be saved and comfort to be gained by swapping out the propane for the pellet insert?
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    it depends if you can heat most of your house with the pellet stove or not
    How much can you get pellets for and can you store them.

    I say Pellet is a big savings over LP or OIL but there are a lot of people that use the number game and say no.
    I use Real heat test and not numbers to get my opinion.

    I just know it cost most of my customers in our mild climate to heat 1600 to 2000 sq feet from $600 to $900 a year to heat with pellet. and stay warm from Sept to April.
    I have customers that installed pellets stoves after using there Central LPG heating that spent $900-$2500 for the season and kept the house at a Lower Temperature and did not feel as warm.

    Now a LP fire place is a little different
    Your insert is only 25K? that is small. if you ran that for 3.5 hours you would use a gallon of LP.
    Getting the same heat from a pellet stove you would use about 3.5 pounds an hour
    now if you use the numbers game that will show you would use 2 bags in 24 hours
    I dont agree with that.
    I heat 1900 sq feet keep my house 72 deg and only use 40 pounds (1 bag) in 24 hours.
    when it is COLD below 20 deg for long times I may use 1.5 bags in 24 hours.
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