Installed new exhaust blower - not starting up!?

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New Member
Dec 19, 2022
Help! I have an original Mt. Vernon Pellet Stove. The exhaust blower was making a horrible noise so we bought a new one and installed it. When we plug the stove back in, the fan won't start up! We made a jump wire to test that the motor wasn't bad and it worked fine. We've checked the fuse by the control box and its good. The auger comes on and feeds pellets. Any suggestions!?
I’d start working back along the wires checking for power.

I’m also going to move this over to the pellet forum where more people will see your post.
Did a resetable hi-limit trip from the blower being bad?
There is a snap disc that is inline for the blower. The added amperage from motor going bad may have ruined that switch