Installing aftermarket blower to Heat n Glo

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Feb 8, 2022
Hi there, first time poster. I'm looking to add a blower to Heat n GLo SL7 fireplace. The ignitor is controlled by a wall switch and has a junction box under the insert. I'm learning that it's not as simple as plugging the blower into the "fan outlet" on the box. I purchased the AC infinity Airblaze 14" for added flow, but have a feeling I may need to buy the GFK 160 kit. Anyone know how to wire the fan outlet to run the blower?

Thank you


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Dec 2, 2008
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You need to add a rheostat that is designed for use & comes with the GFK-160 kit. His incorporates a snap disk so that the blower will not actuate until the fire box gets hot. If you find a local Heat & Glo Dealer, you may be able to get the rheostat, wiring & snap disk for free. When the blower kits are added to units with remotes, the controller kit is not used. The wiring diagram is included with the kit & should be available at the H&G website.
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