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    Hi- just had a quick question: I am installing a wood stove in a small shed & am wondering if it's possible to simply make my own insulated double walled pipe to pass through the 4" wall. I'm thinking of using an 8" pipe surrounded by a 10" pipe which is vented on both ends to allow the heat to dissipate out from between the two pipes. Should I use insulation between the pipes or leave it open to allow air to freely circulate? Thanks for any help or suggestions you might have! Steve Racewicz stever@wcta.net


    It is not really "legal" for me to give you advice on how to construct a wall pass-through. This is the most critical part of an installation, and I even burned down one of my own tool sheds in my early days with a makeshift wall patch.

    There are wall thimbles commercially available, or you can use insulated chimney for this use.
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