Q&A Is a 6" to 7" Adapter Required for an Oslo?

QandA Posted By QandA, May 23, 2002 at 2:20 PM

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    I posted last month about all of the problems I was having with my new Jotul F500 Oslo stove. It seems that the connection pipe from the stove to the chimney was never sealed and this was causing much of the problem. The installer came back last Saturday and sealed this. However, he just put lots of *goop* around the 6" pipe going into a 7" opening. There is also only a 6" length of pipe running the length to where it joins the vertical chimney (all in a 7" opening). I paid for a 6" to 7" adapter, but he never used it and when I pointed this out to him he said that it wasn't necessary. It was initially ordered because the salesman said that it was necessary. Do you think that this might be what's STILL causing the fire to NOT burn properly? If I open the latch on the ash can door, this breaks the air tight seal and it burns fine, but I know the directions say NOT to do this. Might the lack of the adapter be what's still causing an improper burn? Just sealing the area where the pipe enters the chimney greatly improved the burn, but it's obvious that it's still not right.


    When a 6: pipe is put into a 7" crock, the space around the pipe is about 1/2:. Yes, it is possible to seal this with furnace cement, but it is not the way I would do the job.

    I would use either a 6 to 7 adapter AND cement, or wrap hi-temp gasketing ( 1/2" or 5/8") around the pipe and then insert it. This will make it easier to clean the chimney and remove the pipe in the future.

    You can check visually to determine if you think your pipe is still not sealed. Another method would be to hold a match near the "goop" and see if it gets sucked in.

    However, I suspect that your problem is only partially related to this. You have the "cold masonry chimney" blues, which means that the suction your chimney provides is not enough to really get the stove going good. Search around on the Q and A, you'll find a lot of articles relating to this. Here are a few:

    www.hearth.com/search/art.php?rec=224 www.hearth.com/search/art.php?rec=718 www.hearth.com/search/art.php?rec=95 www.hearth.com/search/art.php?rec=388 www.hearth.com/search/art.php?rec=736

    There are more and also some articles at: www.hearth.com/what/specific.html
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