Is it time to replace the gasket on my tulikivi

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Oct 6, 2023
Pacific NW
I bought the house with this, haven’t used it yet. Thinking that the smoke marks above the door are due to an old gasket either inside the door or inside the part of the door that is fixed to the stone (with possibly two flat head screws below). Pretty hard to tell any views?

Is it time to replace the gasket on my tulikivi Is it time to replace the gasket on my tulikivi
Could be the door gasket. Does it fail the dollar bill test in that location?
Ironically the bill is tight around the door on the right (where the most smoke is on the stone) but then a little more loose (bill comes out with some wiggling) on the left where there is less smoke.
I’m not convinced by the picture that it’s the swinging door gasket. It seems to be coming from behind the front frame??

Anyway did you have the chimney cleaned and inspected?

I like to some 1/4” by 1” flat gastket material in hand. It can be wedged in small places or closed in the door to see if it stops leaks.
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yes I had the chimney checked, and the unit all cleaned out. Good to go! getting a little warmer now and we were renovating, so wasnt there day to day. Cant wait to test this bad boy out
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