Is my wood ruined or does it need more drying? Some punky?

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I'm sorry you feel that way.

This site is about giving correct information. ("Never" minor)

I know of zero major cases personally, and know 5 minor cases - but that is of no value as it is anecdotal to you rather than experiential as it is to me. That is why I searched for commonly accessible record.

I completely agree that chainsaws can and do give serious injuries.
They, however, also give (and I actually think - but have no proof) more minor injuries that never require a hospital visit. That is all I wanted to point out.
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You've known me virtually for a while now on this site I'm disappointed that you think I'm giving non factual information and need to point it out the purpose of this site to me. I was clearly speaking from experience, as were you, and a 2 page thread hardly supports anyone's opinion.

I'm choosing to not engage further on the topic, the thread has been hijacked enough. Back to wood discussion.

Edit - you've edited your post to be much less confrontational so I will do the same here at the bottom. We can agree to move on. 🫡
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Saw stop goning strong, insurance co . jumped on the bandwagon. I have one customer that replaced 5 delta uni saws with saw stop units ( which are no where near the quality of the uni saw). but it made a big change in their ins policy.
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