Is Special Mortar Needed?

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New Member
Jan 12, 2023
I didn't seen an answer to this in another post...
I'm building a shallow alcove for Lopi Evergreen stove. About half the stove will be in the alcove and about half will be outside the alcove. The alcove is for aesthetic reasons. I'm aware of all the clearance and non-combustible requirements for my stove specifically and feel I have a good understanding of that.
The alcove sides and lid will be covered with 1.25 inch thick real stone veneer. My question is: is a special mortar needed, e.g. some kind of high temp mortar, for in between the stone veneer. We are planning to "over-mortar" to give it that historic/pioneer look.
Is regular mortar ok? or is high-temp mortar needed?
Thanks in advance.
Regular lime mortar holds up to pretty high temperatures and would be fine in this application.