Alcove Insulation?

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Jan 12, 2023
This forum has been great in helping me design and build a safe (and relatively shallow) alcove for my Lopi Evergreen stove, which will sit about half in and half out. I'm getting close to putting the veneer stone on.
I framed the alcove with metal studs, covered it with Durock cement board, all non-combustible materials, ventilation, stove fan, etc. See pics.
I just have a couple questions before the rock goes on.
1. Can I, should I insulate the upper side of the lid of the alcove? See the pic where I have installed rock wool. Is that a good idea or no? I was thinking of adding two layers of rockwool, staying at least two inches away from the class A chimney. My thinking was that it would help keep cooler temps in that open area. There will also be ventilation grills at the top on each side to allow warm air to convect up and out. Is insulating the open area of the alcove above the stove a good idea?

2. I was also thinking of putting two 4 inch smart, super slim LED dimmable downlights in the lid of the alcove...for ambience. They are IC rated. My question is whether it will be too hot in the alcove for these lights. they will be placed with sufficient clearance from the stove and connector pipe as would be required for a combustibles, about 20 inches or something like that.

I appreciate your help.

Alcove Insulation? Alcove Insulation? Alcove Insulation?
It won't hurt, but I don't think it's needed unless a tv screen is going to get hung on front (not recommended), especially if there are going to be a couple of vent grilles at the top of the cavity. What would be helpful is an intake air grille on the lower part of the cavity to facilitate good convection. It could be on the side.
So you're saying the same kind of vent grilles on the sides of the open lower section in which the stove sits as the vent grilles on the sides of the enclosed upper section the heat convects up and out of the lower section, too?
See pic. Thanks.

Alcove Insulation?
No, the intake at the bottom of the upper closed-off chamber above the stove and the output up high at the top of the front face.
Ok, I see now. Thank you so much. You've been fantastic.
The output could also be high on the opposite side instead of the front face if you want to keep the front face clean looking. It will still convect heat out of the cavity that way.
I'm using a stone called Kris Kreek, see pic

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ah nice, you have it all laid out and ready to go eh?

I was supposed to get stone today. Granite veneer pieces rough sawn that I was going to polish up a bit. They tried to send a tractor trailer into the middle of the woods over a wooden bridge. SMH. Sometimes I think Im being repetitive when I warn drivers and trucking companies that they can only send a box truck, or a half loaded cement truck, and then it ends up going in one ear and out the other.