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  1. C

    Full masonry brick and concrete blocks wall hole size

    Hi and thanks in advance for the help. I got this indoor masonry fireplace that has an indoor masonry chimney in the living room. It is location in the middle of my house. I am preparing to make a hole in the back of the fireplace (on the dining room brick wall) to install a brand new wood cook...
  2. Jim Ignatowski

    Baffle insulation missing

    Hi All, Happy New Year! I have a Pacific Energy Vista insert that’s about 12 years old. The baffle has always been very difficult to get in and out. Last night when adding the final log, I must have pushed up against the baffle and noticed it was no longer level, slightly sagging on one side...
  3. R

    Alcove Insulation?

    This forum has been great in helping me design and build a safe (and relatively shallow) alcove for my Lopi Evergreen stove, which will sit about half in and half out. I'm getting close to putting the veneer stone on. I framed the alcove with metal studs, covered it with Durock cement board, all...
  4. C

    Insulation and framing by pipe

    I'm new to having a wood stove and am concerned that the ceiling framing and insulation is currently too close to the stove pipe. I might be wrong because it's not directly against the actual pipe, but I'm looking for clarity.
  5. E

    Question about Block-off Plate

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and am currently shopping for a wood burning insert for our fireplace. I've found the information here very helpful! Thank you all for sharing your knowledge! While doing some background reading, I stumbled onto the very informative article about installing a...
  6. M

    Basement Insulation

    Hey everyone here’s the issue I’m dealing with. I had a contractor install insulation in my walkout basement walls above grade. They first picture framed the stud cavities with spray foam and then put in the blow in blanket system with fiberglass. The issue I’m wondering about is I’ve had...
  7. S

    Zero clearance insulation contact

    I am in the process of installing FPX Apex 42. They have installed the firebox and but we are waiting for the chimney chase to arrive. I noticed that the insulation is contacting the bottom 6 inches of the firebox in the back. The installer says it's fine. Is this okay?
  8. K

    Do I need to additional insulation to PelletVent Pro rigid liner?

    Hi, Update 9/6/19 : I called Duravent; their associate told me that PelletVent Pro does not need additional insulation. He also mentioned that liner extending 1, or 2 feet above the masonry chimney should not impair the function of the liner. Original post: A first-time installer. The house...
  9. rtrev37

    Masonry wall adaptor and insulation or leave as is?

    Hello, I am installing a new masonry double wall adaptor (for a wood stove) into my new 6 inch chimney liner that is also a double wall or smooth wall liner. As you can see from the pic, there is a 1" or so gap between the new chimney liner and the previous (larger) liner I had before. Once I...
  10. Johnald32

    Leaky (water and air) Chase - Victim of a Crappy Install or Crappy House?

    Going on my second year of owning a new KozyHeat Z42 zero clearance fireplace, and I'm having a few issues. One, when not burning, the room is clearly drafty and cold. Two, I've been noticing the "plink!" of water on top of the metal stove when it rains. A bit about the setup: the stove is...
  11. C

    Can I insulate air intake kit's conduits?

    I just bought a mobile home with a wood burning fireplace (that I'd like to convert to gas). During the process of dismantling the old hearth for remodeling I discovered 4"-5" diameter metal flex conduits of the air intake kit going through massive 12" holes in the sub floor directly into the...
  12. S

    Question about replaced glass panels in my wood burning insert

    Hello All, I was hoping to pick the community's brain on proper install for some replacement glass inserts I just had made for my older wood burning insert (1979 Phoenix Manufacturing wood-burning insert). I had Robax inserts made as I understand these resist more heat than ceramic or tempered...
  13. S

    Need advise on installing liner w/ or w/o insulation

    I've been a long time lurker of this website and I've read countless hours on the type of install to have but I am just tired and on a dead-end on what I should do. Here's some info on my situation: Raised ranch / split level Live in Connecticut. Last year temperatures went down as low as -11...
  14. D

    Single wall pipe

    I put a wood burner in my finished basement and the pipe needs to through a wall(which no longer had drywall and is now cement board and stone) then travels 36" to the chimney. The space behind the wall is dead space due to the way it was laid out when the basement was finished. The nearest...
  15. S

    Attaching Insulation to Stove Surround

    So I am repainting the whole stove and surround. There is some old grimmy/sooty insulation on the surround. I figured I would scrap that off before I repaint. I have 2 questions: - Is this the correct Roxul insulation for behind the surround...
  16. S

    Chimney Flue insulation

    Hey, was wondering if someone could point me in a direction or answer a question for me. I have a savannah Drolet stove. It is in a room with a high ceiling and goes to a double insulated pipe through the drywall then out of the roof. My question is how do I insulate the opening better? The...
  17. V

    Insulation and any general advice for vintage fisher insert

    Hi -- I have just bought an old/used fisher fireplace insert (I can't find a model number or other info, just a plate that seems like braille in the front). I'll be installing it in a heatolator fireplace -- metal lining installed over masonry. I have a 8x11" clay lined dedicated flue which is...
  18. F

    Pre-Insulated vs. Non-insulated Price Differences

    Hello Everyone, Just ordered a Blaze King Ashford 25 Insert to install into our pre-existing masonry chimney. It's an exterior chimney, probably about 20' tall or maybe a little less from the top of the firebox, and located in the greater Boston area. The cold down draft coming in from the...
  19. R

    Question regarding airtight (closed cell foam) insulation

    We've been burning wood in our Vermont Castings Dutchwest 2460 wood stove for over a decade. The house was a drafty 1930 farmhouse, and we got half of it insulated with closed-cell insulating foam a few years ago, and are planning to finish the insulating and remodeling this year. Closed-cell...
  20. W

    Filled ash dump chute with concrete: Can I do concrete all the way up?

    Hi folks, The plywood forms were never removed from under the hearth when the home was built :eek:, and major demolition would be required to access the ash pit to remove the plywood. (The pit is roughly 2x13 feet of floor area and a couple feet high, making it almost impossible to reach the...
  21. E

    Necessity of Block off plate...

    y’all have really got my wheels turning so I’ve got posts goin all over, but here goes another... The pro willing to do my flue install says that I will not need a block off plate in the chimney throat, and he is 99.9% sure (:rolleyes:). I’m here to ask you practically pro folks the validity...
  22. nhtreehouse

    Wood Framing Between Tank and Foam Insulation?

    Hi All, I've been lurking around for a while, and am working on installing a wood/pellet boiler system in an outbuilding. It's all coming along quite well, and I'll post an install thread once I get it up and running. I've converted a propane tank and have insulated between the tank and the...
  23. BucksWhit

    How to block flue with pellet insert

    I moved into a house with an old Whitfield insert. Manual light manual everything but we like it. Thanks to help on here it runs like a clock! I was moving it for a cleaning and noticed the that the flue has ~ a 4 inch pipe going up it for the exhaust. Around the pipe is a massive opening...
  24. BillGriggs

    Frustrating Hearth Extension Replacement

    I'm replacing a tiled hearth extension. I was able to track down the original install instructions for my fireplace (Superior Fireplace #b1038) and it noted that I needed 1/2" millboard or equivalent below a non-combustible surface. I has planned to put down 1/2" durock, thinset, and my 3/8"...
  25. B

    Jotul F3 CB -- big enough to heat 400 sq foot uninsulated garage?

    Hello, I'm still learning about woodstoves, so thanks for your help! I just bought a used Jotul F3 CB to heat a freestanding, uninsulated 400 square foot garage that I've been using as a study. We live in Connecticut where the winters can be harsh, so I'd love to hear from some folks with...
  26. G

    Install Questions

    Hi all, I ordered a Vermont Castings Merrimack and double checked all dimensions and clearances before purchasing. I'm having a handyman who has done quite a bit of quality work on our home do the install. I just want to make sure I know enough about the install myself to make sure he is...
  27. gardnert

    Insulation and draft concerns

    Just had my liner and stove installed this week; stainless steel 6", 1/2" insulation wrapped. Here is a picture of the installation. (not included in image is the stove board that sits in front of it)(EDIT: box for said stove board is actually in the picture, keeping a cat locked in the back...
  28. CookieM0nster

    Newbie wood stove install...Qs re: hearth underlayment & insulation

    Hello! Like others have said in their first post, I’ve been a lurker here for a while here and have learned a lot from various threads, which I really appreciate. There is also some confusing information out there online and I would like to get your opinions (hopefully blessings?) on what I’m...
  29. R

    insulation behind the fireplace facing?

    Hello, My question is what kind of insulation should/should not be behind the framing for the fireplace facing, i.e., above the fireplace and near/around the large ducts in the chimney (there are liners also inside the large ducts). In a remodel of my house, I am refacing the fireplace, which...
  30. S

    mineral (rock) wool batts

    I'm having trouble finding this in long lengths...16' go over a GARN 2000. Here in the PNW, all I can find is 4' lengths at the big box stores. Any leads? brands to source? Scotty