Q&A Is there an efficient zero clearance fireplace?

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    I am very confused as to which zero clearance fireplace to purchase. I had my heart set on installing a rumford in our new home but the cost is prohibitive. At any rate I must compromise but am confused as which fireplace is best for us. It seems as though the Fireplace Xtrodinair is top of the line and recommended by most but then there is the heat n glow although that one does not seem to thrill me. Any others? We intent to install two fireplaces one in our bedroom and the other in a great room. Do the fireplace inserts need to be from the same manufacturer? If so why? Thanks in advance for responding to my questions. Vinni.


    THe Fireplace Xtrod. is quite a unit. However, it may be too big for a bedroom application. The Heat and Glow may do fine for this one. There units are sold complete and do not need a "fireplace insert" along with them. They each use a different type of piping system.

    Other companies, such as Majestic and Superior, make units similar to the Heat and Glow. The FPX is probably one-of-a-kind.

    All these units should heat as well...or better than the Rumford

    Link: FPX Fireplaces
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