Q&A Is Vermont Castings a good brand?

QandA Posted By QandA, May 26, 2007 at 6:26 PM

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    I have just installed a flue for a basement located stove and to confirm a price you gave to an earlier question I spent about $1600 for it. I am now looking for a stove. There is only one local dealer and he carries Vermont Castings. I think my wife likes the looks of their products (that's half the battle.) Having never had any type of heating product in my home other than a natural gas furnace I have no idea what my options are now. Am I forced to get a VC simply because that is what the local dealer has? E.G., can one order something else and reasonably expect to find someone qualified to install it? Are wood burning stoves fungible enough that if we like one of the VC stoves is there any real reason to look further? thanks for the help. Dewey Crepeau


    VC are good stoves. I have one myself...and although they are top end, they are not really overpriced. If your dealer is good and you like his service, then go for it. All stoves today have to pass tough standards for safety and efficiency, so you really cannot go too far wrong. However, it is nice to have a local dealer to answer questions, install and stand behind your stove
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