Isle Royale reduced clearances?

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New Member
Oct 12, 2022
Hello all and thanks in advance for any assistance given. I recently acquired an IR for practically a steal with the intent to replace a Majestic wood burning insert. First question is, if the manual does not specifically mention the ability to reduce clearances via a heat shield (1/2 durock w/1" air space), is reduction allowable?

Second question, can somone clarify if there are limits for clearance reduction? For example, with a proper heat shield that supports a 66% reduction, is there still a 12" min clearance or could I theoretically reduce an 18" clearance to 6"? This seems a little scary to me, hence my post.
No, if the stove is UL listed, and the manual does not indicate the possibility to reduce clearances by including a shield, then that has not been tested, and an installation with a shield and reduced clearance would not be safe nor legal.

So check the manual carefully to see what is allowed.
Can you provide more details on the ZC fireplace removal? Is the intent to install the stove in a alcove created there or is the ZC location a complete removal? If alcove, the manual lists the alcove width minimums, which are 18" clearance on each side. and 53" clear to combustibles above the stovetop.

This is a highly radiant heater. It really can crank out the heat. The manual does mention a rear clearance reduction with proper wall shielding, but only for the rear wall when rear exit venting.