It feels good

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Isaac Carlson

Minister of Fire
Nov 19, 2012
NW Wisconsin
We just came in from stacking another 5 face cord and then tarping the entire 7 cord stack. We tarped the other 7+ cord stack a few days ago, along with a pile of split wood (maybe another 4-5 cord). It feels good. We have never had all of our wood covered before, just the stuff for the current year.

The pile of splits will get stacked if the weather improves, but it will be fine either way. We have a part of the yard covered in dump trailer loads of logs/rounds that we still need to be cut/split/stacked. I'm not sure how much is there, but it's close to a dozen heaped dump trailer loads. We scrounged up at least 8 cord this year, so we made up for what we burned last year. If we got the piles of logs processed, we would have close to 40 cord. It's a strange feeling to have that much wood, but it feels really good. We have worked our tails off, but it has been worth it.

We came in the house after working in the freezing rain for the last hour, and it was so nice and toasty (75°). I added a few logs and put my feet up. The forecast is calling for single digits within a week.