Japanese Maple


Burning Hunk
Feb 12, 2015
Irvington, NY
Anybody ever burn Japanese Maple? My wood pile is overflowing, and my wife really really doesn't want me to bring any more wood onto the property. But a tree service guy tried to drop off a truckload of japanese maple yesterday. My wife was giving me the evil eye (and we had guests over) so I told him I couldn't take it. I felt bad, but it was the right call (he also could have called me first).

Anyway, I've never burned that stuff but my guess is it is like other maples, though maybe denser since it is slow growing. I've never seen it on a BTU chart, but wondering if I passed on an excellent score (and would like to know in case I ever get a similar opportunity in the future).


Kevin Weis

Minister of Fire
Mar 3, 2018
Union Bridge, Md
Thinking the burn would be similar to Norway maple. But yep it probably grows half the rate of Norway maple though. So could be more dense. Like all maples though it's going to leave a ton of ash likely. Most of it by the time it's of size that it would need splitting would be over 50 years old.


Burning Hunk
Dec 2, 2011
Harvard, MA
I have burned it. It is very dense, and takes a while to season. I tried to burn it after one year, and it was not enough. Give it two years, and it should be decent. My Japanese maple wasn't very big, so I only had enough for maybe two fires. Not really enough to get a good idea how well it burns.
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Feb 14, 2017
Rochester NY
I have one in my yard, never burned any of it in the stove but I trimmed some dead branches the other day and they blazed up nicely in the fire pit. I imagine it would be good firewood.