Jotul 3 Installation Clearance

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New Member
Nov 1, 2023
Doswell, Va
My previous experience with wood stoves have been a Buck Mama Bear, a Sears wood circulator and a fireplace insert. I haven’t used a wood stove for years and wanted a something for emergency heating and an occasional fire. I am heating a 1150 sq ft ranch in central Va. I recently purchased a used Jotul 3 that is in very good condition that I am now ready to install.

I want to make sure the stove is installed properly with correct clearances. My challenge is limited space and I am not very familiar with what can be safely done to reduce clearance.

The Jotul installation manual says that if insulated pipe and a 05 950071 heat shield is used the clearance can be dropped from 34” to 13”. Who can I check with for the heat shield?

My understanding is the F3CB is basically the same stove and I have found heat shields for them. Can I safely use the heat shield for a F3CB on a model 3?

Without a heat shield I don’t think I can get the required minimum clearance. If anyone has suggestions or ideas I would greatly appreciate them.

Internally they are quite different. Putting the F3CB heat shield on the F3 would not achieve this reduction because it is untested. A proper NFPA 211 wall shielding will accomplish the reduction.
Thank you for your reply. I have decided the F3 is not a good option for me and I will be selling it. I hopefully someone else will be able to use it. The stove is in excellent condition.