Jotul 400 Sebago problem with thermostat shuts off after 24 hours

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Dec 30, 2023
WE have a Jotul GF400 DV IPI Sebago Direct Vent Gas Heater. I connected the 2 wires as it said in the manual from the heater to the thermostat on the wall and it works ok. It will only work for 24 hours and than the thermostat on the wall shuts off. Why? What did I do wrong? Thanks
What's the make and model of the thermostat that you're using, is it programable? What do you mean when you say it shuts off after 24 hours, does it go dead or blank or something? How do you get it to start working again?
Very hard to explain, but I will try. This stove have a remote control. We hooked up the stove as it says in the manual to a wall thermostat so we wouldn't have to use the remote. Set the thermostat on the wall to keep the room at 72. After 24 hours the stove will shut off and revert back to the hand held remote for temperature. The wall thermostat is a Honeywell RTH2510/RTH2410
We have a Sebago 400 also but it's the standing pilot model not IPI so I'm not familiar with your stove.
Looking at the manual for your stove is a bit confusing but it seems to indicate that to use the hand held remote the pilot mode switch on the stove should be set to CPI and the burner switch to ON.
If one or both are set that way, I would try switching the pilot mode to IPI and the burner switch to T-STAT and see if the wall switch stays in control.

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Thank you. We paid just answer to see if they had a solution and he said it might be the thermostat on the wall. So, we had the exact same thermostat running a similar gas stove, so we switched the thermostat last night to see if it is the thermostat. We won't know til 7:00 tonight if that is the problem. If it shuts off at that time, we will try your suggestion. Thank you
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I must admit to being a bit skeptical but I will keep my fingers crossed that the thermostat swap fixes your problem.
Out of curiosity though, did you happen to check the position of those switches?
Yes, we did and they are correct. We are also skeptical that the thermostat is the problem. But at least it will eliminate the thermostat and that means it is the stove. Thanks I will let you know.
Hi, As we expected stove did turn off after 24 hours. It is definitely not the thermostat as the other guy thought it might be. It is something in the stove. Whether we have batteries in or out of the remote the thermostat on the wall will work but only for 24 hours. We now have the thermostat working for another 24 hours with the remote turned to 80 degrees and the thermostat on the wall at 72 and functionally on and off properly. My husband thinks that it is in the program in the stove, not the remote or the thermostat..
There are some very knowledgable pros here so hopefully one of them will chime in with some ideas, maybe after the holidays.

I have one last idea if you want to try it.
When the stove was new, the remote and stove had to be initialized. If you haven't tried it already, I would try returning to the stove to full manual functionality as described in the manual and see if that makes any difference.
Good luck.

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Happy New Year and thank you. My husband has done that but he couldn't get it to beep. He will try it again. Thank you
Question: Should he disconnect the 2 wires that connect the thermostat to the stove before he returns the stove to manual functionality?