Jotul 550 Installed and Ready for Curing

jadm Posted By jadm, Feb 19, 2008 at 3:50 PM

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  1. jadm

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    Dec 31, 2007
    After many delays my 550 is now sitting in it's new home ready for me to begin the curing process. The install went well and I found out why my old insert (Napoleon) wasn't burning up to par - the install was botched on that one. They had cut corners around the damper shelf and as a result had to squish the liner into an oval shape in order to get it through the damper area thus restricting the smoke as it left the stove.

    The men I had do the job yesterday did a stupendous job. No cutting corners. They took the time to cut out the damper shelf properly so that the liner now has a straight shot down. They added 2 flue tile extensions so that my chimney height is 15 feet now.

    Will get my son to take pictures and post as soon as we figure out that trick.

    A question for other 550 owners- I turned on the blowers to check out how loud they are compared to my Napoleon. Seems like they hum a bit louder and, when on low, blower on the right is off while blower on the right rotates on low. Want to know if that is normal or should they both be rotating slowly?
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