Jotul c350 Winterport blower replacement?

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Nov 7, 2023
Rochester NY
We've had our c350 for about seven years and have really enjoyed it. I think the blowers have always been a little louder than I like, but last year and the one time this year, one of them has developed a rattle at nearly any speed. I'm going to remove them and service them this week. Before that, I thought I'd look around and see if there were any aftermarket fans that I could replace them with. Maybe something slightly quieter or something that could push more air. I reached out to Fireplace Blowers Online and they said the only choice I've got are purchasing the OEM blowers from Jotul. I've looked a little but I can't even find them on the Jotul site.

So! Does anyone have experience with any of this? I'm surprised there isn't some kind of aftermarket option out there, but I honestly have zero experience in this space. I'm open to anyone's advice or suggestions. Thank you!
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