jotul f100

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Feb 7, 2016
Hello all. I have had a jotul f100 since we bought the house about 10 years ago. I decided to take it apart and clean the inside well. I found this site because I was having issues. The top baffle is cracked and warped I couldn't remove it without fear of it falling apart. I ordered a new one.... it will require breaking it to get it out which I'm completely prepared for.

The actual reason for this post. While researching this stove I found something interesting. In the pictures of stoves there is a knob that is missing from mine.
I discovered I do not have an ash tray nor the grate. Is this knob for the grate? In the pictures it is just below the ash tray on the right hand side.
And in the parts diagram there is a "valve cover" on the bottom of the stove. What is this valve for? and why is it "covered"? I was thinking i was possibly missing a feature. or is this something that wasn't offered in the US?
Do you have a picture? Was the ash on an option?