Jotul F500 Rebuild and Torque Specs

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Jan 25, 2008

I picked up a Jotul F500. It was in tough shape and the lady said it had stopped heating as well as it used to.

I looked it over, went back over with a flash light to see if there were any cracks in the inner bottom or the top plate.

Luckily there were none but it looked like it never had any maintenance since the 2012 burning season.

I opted for a full rebuild.

As I am putting it back together, I am not finding any torque specs for these and I am wary of the heating cycle to put anything other than a recommended chart spec of 164 in-lbs for M8 8.8 grade bolts.

By the way, other than cracked and failing mortar most of the bolt holding it together were hand tight. No wonder she was not running efficient.

On the last picture there is a gap in the ridge.

My finger is pointing to it. I am wondering what this is for. This is the air chamber pre air intake lever slide. So not too worried about it being sealed or wide open. There is plenty of air coming from the intake at the back end of the stove. This gap is on the front left.

IMG_2722.jpeg IMG_2734.jpeg IMG_2742.jpeg IMG_2741.jpeg IMG_2740.jpeg
There are air passages that need to stay open. @D. Hermit may be able to help if available. @paredown, @Defiant any thoughts?
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Started painting today finally humidity dropped substantially here in NH.

Once I got the underside of the base painted I flipped it over.

I decided to paint the panels as one unit when assembled.

So I carefully and liberally applied a major amount of cement to the front and back panels where they meet the base. I assembled the front unit as one applying to the sections.

One question, the inner front panel is left open on top to allow for air wash of the glass?

Anyways I got the right panel pasted and ran out of my Mecco’s red devil cement. I only bought two tubes where I feel this stove would needed 4-5 tubes to properly do everything.

I ended up just using the Hercules refractory cement I bought yesterday to complete all the rest of the joints.

Be warned this is my first complete stove and I would think more cement would be the correct way of going about things luckily the Hercules cement is very thick and would hold onto things better.

I got some nice “squish” around the joints to get a fairly uniform amount. Anything to excessive I smoothed out.

Here are some pics for posterity.

IMG_2749.jpeg IMG_2750.jpeg IMG_2751.jpeg IMG_2754.jpeg