Jotul Oslo F500 ash pan door forming creosote as well as behind ash pan on back wall and inside firebox

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Jan 19, 2019
SE North Carolina
I found a 2” puddle of creosote liquid had dropped down from my ash pan door this season. Bottom of the gaskets is hard and crunchy. Trying to think when it might have happened??? Door is pretty covered in creo. I’m not to concerned. It will need a new gaskets at some point


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Jan 12, 2023
Western MA
New to the forum, enjoying the insight and different experiences we all have with our burners. After 32 years with a CDW Sequoia I purchased the f500 dec30 2021. Loved the heat output. 2 months in had smoke spilling out the side door when adding wood. Removed top plate to find a deep pile of creosote at base of pipe. Additional creasote piled on 18" horizontal into chimney. Some glazing and curls on side door. Same wood, red oak, drying process as in past. NEVER had these issues with Sequoia. Consistently run at 500 degree top plate temp, 1200 at cat probe as book recommends. Interesting to know of others having similar issues. Otherwise love the stove. Isnt creasote formed from the cooling of a gaseous vapor that then condenses on surfaces? Creasote inside the stove, what gives here?

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Just to get the basics covered, how tall is the chimney? What size is it? And how long has your red oak been cut/split and stacked to dry?
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