Jotul vs Napoleon (Free standing gas stove)

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New Member
Sep 20, 2021
I am trying to decide between Jotul GF 400 DV/BV Sebago and Napoleon's Havelock or Haliburton. Please, which one should I go for?


Full Time RVer
Staff member
Dec 2, 2008
Wherever we're parked
What do you need this gas stove for?
Primary heat? Taking the chill off? Ambiance?
How large is the room it will be installed in?
How much insulation is in your home?
Natural gas?
Both manufacturers offer reliable models. We cannot tell you which one will
suit your needs without knowing the specifics of your situation...


Feeling the Heat
Dec 13, 2015
To me the Jotul is a nicer looking stove. From a service standpoint they are easy to work on. SIT control parts are pretty common. I don't see a lot of Napoleon stoves so I can't really comment on them.