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    I live on an island where power outages are a part of life, infrequently lasting more than a day and a ferry is our connection to the mainland. We have chosen to invest in a propane stove and would like to take advantage of the direct vent from the back of the stove, available on the above manufacturers using a snorkel. Both the Emerald and the 3 Classic fit the bill and the BTU's necessary are within the high range of the Classic and the mid range of the Emerald. (The major area we want to heat is a great room with a 15' ceiling and a fan.) Our questions are in regards to they compare in efficiency (the stated efficiency for the Classic is lower than the Emerald and this is the "cadillac?); operation with a snorkel; frequency of breakdown; differences in running a stove on its high end or mid-range capacity.


    A gas stove will not be affected by running it at the higher ranges. It is tested for such use. Make certain, however, that you are figuring the actual BTU OUTPUT, that is, the input times the efficiency.

    Neither stove uses electric, so you'll be OK when the power fails. You should make certain of the BTU requirements of the room. One way is to try another space heater, like an electric or kerosene one (if you have access to it) and see what the output of those do. This will give you a real-world comparison.

    Most gas heaters are quite reliable, and they also use many of the same valves and components, so this should not be a big factor.
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