Just Another Small Shed... w/pics

Battenkiller Posted By Battenkiller, Jun 9, 2010 at 4:40 PM

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    LOL :lol:
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    If my wife climbed up on that roof the whole thing would come crashing down!
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    OK, everybody's cool wood shed postings got me out there with the camera for an update...

    Finally, everything done but the trim work and staining. As you can see, no room for wood in this shed. But by tearing down the other dilapidated sheds I had, I now have room for about 20 cord of very well-spaced stacks outside in a prime windy area. I'll never get close to that amount, but the wood that I do store won't be sticking out like a sore thumb anymore, so I'll be more inclined to keep collecting it.

    Check out my home-built coal forge on the right. Finally I have a home under cover for all the blacksmithing and metalworking stuff. I'm gonna run a 100A electrical sub-feed to the shed. That'll allow me to use both my stick and GMAC welders, as well as my oxy-acetylene torches, a small metal-cutting band saw and an extra compressor I had in storage in the basement. I already have a collapsible cutting and welding bench stored outside the right side of the shed. I'll be in pig heaven once I finally get through this very hectic week (oldest son's getting married on Saturday).


    Here's a side view showing the roof extension and the board and batten siding. I haven't quite figured out how to trim out the gable area and the purlins. I was gonna leave them all exposed for extra ventilation, but the ridge cap should allow enough ventilation for the forge fumes, so now I want to go for a more finished look on the outside. The truck box is gonna get raised up higher and attached to the side, then the saws and other valuable stuff are getting stored in the locked box. If I get another full-size truck, I can just unbolt it and build a strong box in its place.


    This closeup shows the glued and nailed gussets I finally put in. I laid out the nailing pattern on the gusset to the far left, then drilled through several ones under it to get all the spacings right and even looking. Made nailing them all in (best part of a 5 pound box of 2" common nails) a lot easier as well.

    I have a tendency to do 95% of a job like this and forget to do the most important part. Without these gussets, the whole roof extension is at risk for collapse during a heavy, wet snow like we had all last year. I decided to put a big fan on myself in the 95º heat and get the damn things installed before I beat myself up once again and put them off until after the damage has occurred.


    This is a shot of the small workbench I put in on the left side. All my outside tools and boatbuilding tools are gonna be stored here. The hand saws are from my deceased FILs tool shed. I got a saw set, and I'm gonna learn to sharpen them while I'm learning to sharpen saw chains. The bench will make working on saws and other outdoor equipment a pleasure.

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    The nailing pattern is too consistent to have been done freehand. You must have made a template.

    Nice shed!

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