Just Picked Up 5 Ton Of Green Teams For $950.00 Delivered

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Feeling the Heat
Feb 5, 2008
Central NY
Enigma869 said:
Great deal using a 10% off coupon for Lowes. With the coupon, it comes out to $177 per ton with a $65 delivery fee for all 5 ton. I'm definitely not a pellet expert, as I just had a new Harman Accentra insert installed this past January. I burned Warm Fronts last winter (which I'm told are New England Wood Pellets). Even though I had nothing to compare them to, the ash content seemed really high and they seemed like middle of the road pellets, so I guess if the Green Teams are comparable to the Warm Fronts, I'll be okay with that, given the price difference. I paid $260 a ton for the Warm Fronts, so I figured for almost $100.00 less per ton, the Green Teams were probably worth taking a flyer on. The Lowes I went to had Green Teams and Green Supremes (talk about confusing). Not really sure which one is better but from reading here, most seem satisfied with the Green Teams. Now, time to make room along one of my garage walls to accept the delivery on Saturday.

You go BOY!!!! Damn good deal.
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