King 5502M Draft Fan Cycling Constantly - and that's new

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Nov 16, 2021
Lapeer, MI
Okay. I am probably the dumbest and least knowledgeable person on this forum. We have a King 5502M that we've had since 2014 and (1) I am not mechanically inclined, and, (2) I hate to read manuals. I installed this thing in 2014, per the directions, and it's run very well - with zero tweaking - for a long time. The room fan had been getting noisier for quite awhile and, finally, it started making a crazy racket. I ordered a new fan and put it in, today. I ran it through the self-test and it appears that everything is wired back up properly. But, while the room fan is one-thousand percent better the draft fan is cycling constantly when the thing runs - either it didn't do this before (I don't think it did), or, the room fan was just so loud that it's something we never heard. I don't think it did this before (??). But I think lots of things and, in the end, I'm usually wrong. I am wondering if I wired something wrong.....or what. I'm gonna post a link to a 35 second video so you can see what I am talking about - just in case I am using the wrong terminology or describing something wrong. Is it supposed to do this? The thing appears to operate fine, but, when I stand next to it when it's running I can hear that draft fan constantly cycling - any info would be appreciated. Here's a link to the video:
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Jan 22, 2021
The draft fan pulsing on these stoves is normal. I have a 6500 and it has always done it in auto mode. If I switch it to manual it runs constant, but just at one speed.

I looked in to the pulsing just to make sure and found that it is normal. Some people said it would do it until it came up to temp, but the majority said it constantly does it (which is what I found).

You can adjust most of the settings (including the draft fan) in the programming menu on your stove. If you look in the USSC Troubleshooting sticky thread you should be able to find a Tech manual close to your model. It explains how to access the menu and adjust it. I would only adjust it if you are having stove performance issues. If it is running well, then I would leave it alone.
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