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    Hello! My husband and I just returned from a trip to Taos- New Mexico where we visited the Taos Pueblo and were charmed by the kiva fireplaces used by the Pueblo people. We would like to build one in our family room and were wondering if there are plans available for one. Also- we were wondering if there were fireplace inserts that could be adapted to work with this style. We would appreciate any information you can find for us about building kiva fireplaces.


    Stumped me again...Never heard of these fireplaces. I assume they are some type of earth or ceramic fireplace. There are large soapstone and masonry stoves available (Tulikivi is one such brand)- but none would fit into an existing fireplace...rather they are fireplaces in themselves.
    http://www.mha-net.org has information on all types of these masonry fireplaces.

    Link: Masonry Heater Trade Group
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