Klinker King review for Volgerzang 5790.


Jan 21, 2018
I added the Klinker King to my 5790 this year towards the end of the season. I installed the stove 10/2014 and I run it all season as my sole heat source of a 2,600 SqFt home. My stove always had a bunch of pellets that would bounce out or miss the burn pot and build up around it. After adding this I no longer have any pellets going to waste and the ash does seem a little finer. I do notice that the ash does appear to build up a bit faster and stay next to the burn pot more giving the impression that the stove has more ash in it then it really does. The glass may or may not stay cleaner long er but I am not sure yet. I did not add this to fix any burn issue as my stove has treated me very well over the years and burns fine unless it gets really dirty. Figured Id pass it on for others who may want one.



Minister of Fire
Feb 1, 2010
Salem NH
Any pics please?