Kozi KSH trouble. Replaced exhaust motor now pellet auger does not work

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New Member
Jan 21, 2022
Just a quick question. I have a older KSH model. Works great for my garage shop. The exhaust motor finally went which is ok. I replace with exact motor. Assembled it all back together and now exhaust motor works but when I turn it on (old dial type controller). The three lights blink once and shut off. No more blinking after that. the auger does not work and it worked before. The circulation fan works fine too. The only wires removed were obviously pos and neg to the motor and the wires going to the thermo thingie on the exhaust fan mount. Tried changing wires around but that did not do anything. Thanks in advance for any assistance you could offer. Pics included. Thanks in advance for any assistance


Kozi KSH trouble. Replaced exhaust motor now pellet auger does not work

John F Keating
Actually I think yours is a pressure switch. You may have knocked ash around and into the hose for it,and it or hose might be plugged,
Bob. Thanks again for your assistance. Funny story…. The pressure switch is totally disconnected and bypassed. I cracked the voltmeter out and went to go trace voltage by the dial for the feed volume and realized that loose wire on the dial. Thanks so much again for the assistance
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