Kozy Heat Z42 punching above its weight

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Nice. So I think I am finally going to use duct punchouts on my Kozy Heat. I've got to kids with bedrooms in the basement and would really like to get some heat down there. I had a few further questions for you.
1. Is there a reason you used both duct punchouts and tied them together with flex duct versus having 2 separate runs?
2. I'm assuming you have only one supply vent going upstairs from your Kozy heat is that correct?
3. Is everything still working well? Would you do it again.

Thanks for any insight.
1.) My reasoning behind using both punchouts and connecting them to one vent was to take advantage of the heat being generated by the entire fireplace. If only one side was ducted, my guess is that side would become slightly cooler than the other side and it wouldn’t be as efficient at moving heat away from the fireplace. I’m sure it’s not a major difference but the inline fan I installed moves a lot of air. This way, I’m drawing air evenly from both sides.
2.) yes, just one supply vent.

3,) Everything works great. Same as when installed it. Haven’t had a single problem with it. If I were to redo anything, I might consider changing the flexible duct into a rigid duct just in case an ember/spark were to get sucked into the vent, but I try to remember to turn off the inline blower when adding logs. The flexible vent I used is not flammable but it’s something to consider. Ridged metal venting would be harder to work with but safer.
How tall are your ceilings for your golf sim?
Ceilings are 9’2”. I’m 6’ and swing driver just fine but I don’t have a vertical swing. I’ve had someone who is 5-8 or 5-9 hit the ceiling but their swing was not good and very vertical. That’s why I put wood ceiling up so I don’t have to repair drywall in case someone hits it. If I were to rebuild our house knowing I was going to put in a golf sim, I would put in 10’ ceilings.
Secondaries look great! Is your glass staying nice and clean while burning? We are building next year and we are looking into this unit along with the heat & glo pioneer and Osborn Stratford. So far we are leaning toward the z42
Cleanliness of the glass depends on the moisture content of the wood to a degree. Mine seems to stay pretty clean but as the fire dies down and smolders out over night, it tends to get a bit dirty. Nice properly dried oak, the glass stays pretty clean. I like a nice clean view of the fire so I tend to give the glass a wipe down each time I start a new fire. It has such a nice large window for viewing =)