Kozy Komfort damper?

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Sep 28, 2018
Farmingdale, Maine
I was wondering if I need a damper in my stove pipe? The stove exhaust is 8" which I reduce to 6" at the back of the stove, it goes up 3' and enters the chimney. The chimney is an indoor chimney that's about 30' tall. Any suggestions would be appreciated

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never answer a question with a question but why are you asking? do you think you have a problem?
Well I don't really know. I can hear the draft thru the stove and I think I may be losing a lot of heat up through the chimney. It seems that my burn time is much shorter than I expected and the only thing I can come up with is even though I've got the intake cranked way down, with excessive draft the fire is still getting too much oxygen?

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if you don't have a stove top thermometer you need one. if the stove is not up to running temp then with a 30 footer it might be worth a try. your stove temp will go up but chimney temp will go down. before installing your damper get a stove top temp and a pipe reading about 18 inches from the stove outlet
I'm not familiar with Kozy Komfort stoves, but I've got about the same chimney height as you and have a damper in the pipe coming off of our 1980's Jotul; I think it really helps to prolong burn times and also increase the amount of heat in the stove. I posted about this a few weeks ago as I was having trouble with the stove getting too hot. After a few more weeks of experimenting based on advice I was given here, I found that once a good draft has been established with decent stove temps (500-600) I can mostly close, or even completely close the damper off and I get nice prolonged very high stove temps.