Kudos to Swisher!!!!!!

jeffman3 Posted By jeffman3, Mar 27, 2009 at 9:35 PM

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    I had a problem with my Splitter. :gulp: The weldment on the wedge started to cave in. (We have truly put it through the wringer, so to speak) I called Swisher and talked to them about it, and some e-mails later, they sent me a new wedge, even without the receipt!!!!!!!! I have never received this kind of customer service, ever!!!!!!!!!! Literally three days after I contacted them, I have a new wedge weldment that I will put on this weekend. The Swisher cost a bit more( and I mean just a bit), but I will never regret spending the extra! They use top quality parts, and the costumer service is second to none that I have experienced! :coolgrin:
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