Kuma cascade insert question

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New Member
Apr 28, 2022
after looking at other brands I’m really leaning towards getting a kuma insert due to all the good things I hear about the company and their quality. Question I have is I keep hearing not to oversize with the cascade and instead get an alpine. My house is 1800sq ft but the room it is in is 24x14 with 18ft ceilings which I’ll be installing a ceiling fan. The cascade only has a 2.5 cuft firebox and with being catalytic hybrid I assumed would be lower btus than some of the other non cat stoves I’ve looked at. Really like the idea of having enough stove than undersized but found it odd how much I’ve read about overheating. Anyone have any input. I’ll mainly be using it when temps are between 0-40 degrees…..2.5 firebox seems to be about all the bigger my fireplace will accept as well
I too would be strongly leaning toward the Cascade. If you want less heat in milder weather, build a smaller fire.
I concur. I have a 3 cu ft for a 1700 sq ft (+825 in the basement where the stove is) stove.

I would also say that the stove likely is able to turn down a bit more than noncats rather than having a lower output range. I.e. the top end may be similar to noncats of the same size.