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Oct 18, 2013

Traditional-Looking Lantern, Equipped with Thermoelectric Generator, Powers Built-In LED and USB Charging Port when Placed On a Hot Stove Top.

9 April, 2014, Randolph, VT - Tegpro, a division of LEDdynamics, Inc., announced today the launch of their Stove Lite lantern Kickstarter campaign. The classically-designed lantern is equipped with a built-in thermoelectric generator. When placed on a hot stove top, the lantern generates electricity, powering its LED light, USB charging port, and on-board battery. The Stove Lite is aimed at wood stove owners who live "off-grid," as well as people preparing for power outages or disasters.

The fledgling division began last year to innovate within the growing market of thermoelectric generation. Since then, Tegpro has been testing thermoelectric components, as well as developing their own circuits to enhance efficiency and output. Tegpro plans to offer two versions of its patent-pending Stove Lite: the Stove Lite Basic, featuring only the LED light, and the Stove Lite Pro, adding an on-board battery, USB power outlet, and dimming capability. The on-board battery enables the lantern to emit light for hours after it has been removed from the stove top. It can also be used to charge smartphones or tablets via USB charging port.

Wood stoves often used in cold climates offer low-cost heat from an independently obtainable fuel source. The Stove Lite further enhances the thriftiness and practicality of owning a wood stove. Shane Clarke, founder of Tegpro, declared, "They're not just a novelty, they're a product I think the vast majority of wood stove owners are going to want."

The Stove Lite is the world's first lantern able to generate electricity and light from a heated stove top. Kickstarter pre-orders are accepted until June 7th, 2014. If the campaign reaches its funding goal, estimated delivery is October, 2014. For more information, visit
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