Lawn tractor starter/solenoid help

Brian VT Posted By Brian VT, May 4, 2009 at 10:43 PM

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    New solenoid. Not sure if the old one was bad or not. No key start.
    -wire from battery + is to post on solenoid
    -wire from starter is to other post on solenoid
    -wire from battery - is grounded to frame

    If I jump a connection between the solenoid posts the starter turns.
    The old solenoid had a small post that a red wire from a safety switch was attached to. The new solenoid has 2 small posts. 1 under each large post.

    There is a small electrical "item" attached to the body just above the solenoid. It has printed "8A 12v". It's @ 1/2" x 1/2" x 1" with 2 blades sticking out of it. One blade says "bat" and the other says "acc".

    There is a black wire coming from the key switch with a blade connector. There's another wire that, I think, was on the battery and has a blade connector.

    I jumped the safety switch and connected that red wire to 1 of the small solenoid posts, connected the wire from the key switch to the "acc" blade, and connected the "bat" blade to the battery +. When I put my tester on the red wire and turn the key to "start" the tester lights up. I connect the red wire to the solenoid the starter doesn't turn. I tried both posts.
    What now ?

    Help ?

    I got it figured out. I sanded off some paint where the solenoid mounts to the body. Good to go.
    Now to clean the carb.
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